Recipe: use spices for a delicious broth

  • Friday, Day 26/06/2020
  • When making noodle, vermicelli or soup dishes, the broth is an indispensable thing. However, to have a pot of delicious broth firstly at the spice is extremely important. If you use the right spices, you will have a pot of broth with a characteristic aroma.

    You want to change dishes for the whole family with pho, vermicelli or vermicelli ... but to cook delicious broth is a small, spice for the broth to have a specific smell that not everyone can grasp. A few tips below for you to be able to process the correct pot of broth with out of stock flavor.

    Beef broth

    - Beef broth is often indispensable for the following spices: cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, ginger, dry onions.

    - To want a pot of delicious broth you must roast onions and ginger until cooked, bake how not to burn the skin, because the red crust of the dry onions has the effect of making clear water, beautiful colors, anise anise wing, cinnamon chopped, cardamom to get aromatic dry yellow seeds to rub clean, crushed, then wrapped with a clean cloth, put in a pot of water.

    - Especially on the pot of beef broth often has a layer of fat to keep the heat, keeping the aromatic essential oils.

    Chicken broth

    - Spicy chicken broth often includes: onion, pounding pepper, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, mushroom feet. Chicken broth is used to eat bun thang, chicken vermicelli, frequency, soups ...

    Pig broth

    - Prawn broth often includes: onion, pepper, shiitake mushrooms. Pig broth is often used to cook porridge or soup for sweetness. Isolator separation 4-20mA

    Recipes if the water is cloudy:

    - You take one egg separating the whites and the yolks, when the broth is cold, beat the whites and place in the pot, cook the pot on the stove again, just stir while stirring, the cloudiness will stick to the white fibers Eggs, water will in return. clock due to apat

    Or you can mince meat (minced meat is used), mix egg white, shiitake mushrooms in a broth to make the broth clear and taste better. thank you for muc
    - If cooking chicken water is cloudy, continue to cook chicken bones to make the water clear and delicious.

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